Blockchain and smart contracts to be addressed in training for High Labour Court judges

TST servers should learn about the technology that ‚brought Bitcoin to life‘ in a three-day seminar.

Magistrates and other High Labour Court (TST) servers can learn about the application of blockchain technology in a training on „100% Digital Judgement“.

Thus, in addition to blockchain technology, the seminar called „Digital Law, Data Protection Law and Artificial Intelligence“ also cites the use of smart contracts and other technologies that can be applied to law, such as Artificial Intelligence.

According to the description of the event, there will be panels for participants between 11 and 13 November 2020, organized by the National School of Training and Improvement of Labor Magistrates (ENAMAT).

TST learns about blockchain technology

Blockchain is popularly known for its intrinsic association with the cryptomino market, especially Bitcoin Rush. However, in addition to „bringing BTC to life“ this technology can be used in other types of activities involving data management.

Thus, the applicability of blockchain technology in law will be the subject of a lecture given during the seminar Digital Law, Data Protection Law and Artificial Intelligence.

In this case, blockchain and smart contracts should be presented on the second day of the event organized by ENAMAT, on 12 November 2020. The panel will be mediated by Minister Breno Medeiros, and will have as panelists Alexandre Zavaglia, a lawyer, and Renata Baião, a blockchain specialist.

With registration open until 6 November, the event will be broadcast on ENAMAT’s Youtube channel. In addition, the description of the panel on blockchain includes other technologies associated with law, such as lawtechs and legaltechs.

„The event aims to inform and train magistrates and employees of Labor Justice. It also includes a current and contemporary program, such as the implementation of the ‚100% Digital Judgement‘, a new recommendation of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) for courts and tribunals to execute procedural acts exclusively by electronic and remote means“.


In addition to addressing blockchain technology, the TST seminar „Digital Law, Data Protection Law and Artificial Intelligence“ will have a special focus on the General Data Protection Act (LGPD).

Although the subject is considered unprecedented in Brazil, companies operating on the Internet are adapting to the data processing imposed by LGPD. On the same day as the panel on blockchain technology, LGPD will be addressed in a panel called „General Data Protection Law: General Aspects“.

On the other hand, the opening conference of the seminar will be „Digital transformation and digital upskilling as axes of the future“. In addition to ENAMAT, the event is organised in partnership with the Centre for Training and Improvement of Advisors and Servants of the High Labour Court (Cefast).