Avorak Emerges Victorious Despite Multichain CEO’s Arrest

• Recent news has caused fear in the crypto market as the CEO of Multichain is in Chinese custody.
• Avorak, a new player in the market, is set to dominate with its real world utility and faster transactions.
• Despite the underlying news around Multichain, Avorak will help calm the storm and emerge at the top of the market.

Multichain’s Troubling News

Recent news in the crypto realm has many enthusiasts and investors stunned and wondering about crypto’s reliability. Multichain, a prominent crypto platform, has been in the spotlight as the network’s CEO is in the custody of the Chinese government. The news has caused fear in the market.

What is Multichain?

Multichain is a unique blockchain network that provides a specific solution to businesses targeting the creation of their blockchains. Its user-friendly interface allows users to access customizable features that favor their specific business by tailoring blockchain networks. There has been recent news surrounding project, as its CEO went missing a few days ago, affecting its services.

News Surrounding Multichain CEO

Several executives were recently arrested by Chinese authorities among them Zhaojun, its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Consequently, this resulted in halting various cross-chain services offered by platform. Moreover, Chinese government confiscated $1.5 billion worth of smart contract funds leaving investors worried about platform’s future but hopeful for crypto industry as new players join arena.

Avorak Will Power Through Fear

Avorak is an established decentralized crypto platform utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver unique services such as faster and cheaper transactions within its network and cross-chain integration with other digital assets via Avorak Trade features that assist emotionless trading making it an addition to financial industry piquing investor interest .


Despite underlying news around Multichain suggestin g doom for crypto industry , Avorak is set to dominate with its wide utility helping calm storm around it emerging at top of market .